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"Western Heroes"


'WESTERN HEROES' is the follow-up to 'WESTERN RENAISSANCE'. JUST SOME of the highlights are:

** WARSHIP diesels in Cornwall, around Bristol and even Clapham Jn, including a double-headed maroon pairing on the Cornish Riviera Express at Teignmouth in 1969 and an unbelievable TRIPLE header on the 'Rivo' at Hayle in 1968.

** Film of the only WESTERN to visit the Hayle Wharf branch.

** D800 on a Penzance-Manchester express.

** D6300s in service in Cornwall and around Bristol.

** WESTERN & HYMEK pairings

** HYMEK & steam pairings.

** D0280 Falcon storming past at high speed.

** WESTERN LORD in chromatic blue.

** Visit to Swindon Works in 1968.

** HYMEKS in their last days at Reading.

As well as this the programme features over 50 of the Class of WESTERNS!

Commentary has been kept to a minimum so that the locos can do the talking!


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