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"Western Blues"


A total of 30 years have gone by since the famous ‘Western’ diesel class were in service with British Rail, and in this programme we commemorate this with a very special programme looking at their final four years in railway traffic. Focusing on the years 1974 – 1977, you can take special note of the 50 different locomotives featured and get the chance to see most of your favourites in action once more. The programme also features many of the special trains operating in that period with D1010, D1013, D1023, D1051, D1052 all appearing on rail tour duties.

Other highlights of this engaging DVD include a special treat of a wonderful Double Header over Dainton; The summers of 1974 & 1975 at Dawlish; Reading platform scenes; and a unique ride behind Western Ambassador!

This is certainly guaranteed to bring back glorious memories from that wonderful era.


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