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Diesel Decade - Volume I - The 1980s


Diesel Decade – The 1980s Volume 1 gives an insightful look into the delightful history which helped to make up the rail scene as we know it today. This DVD is packed with wonderfully nostalgic scenes, even a rare quadruple-header! Featuring all three of the most popular diesel types of the 1980’s makes it a magical period to remember when BR (British Rail) Blue finally succumbed to sector liveries. Relive timeless memories as you see and hear diesel engine class 20s, 25s, 26s, 27s, 31s, 33s & 37s in dynamic action. Highlights also include steam-heat 26s on the Kyle of Lochalsh line, 25060 at Hereford, 33s on the Portsmouth service, 31s and 37 on passenger services in East Anglia and Scotland.

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