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Diesel & Electric Diaries Volume 1


Volume 1 in the series of programmes looks at three locations.

Chapter 1: Sheffield Midland station in the three years 1986, 1987 & 1988. Passenger trains are in the hands of Peaks, 47s and 31s but 20s and even a 25 are seen on class 1 passenger duties. Freights and parcels traffic are also seen, with classes 45/0 & 47 in evidence. Also seen is the 'Hills & Cities No 2' railtour of 6 June 1987 where 45029 hands over to 45062 for the run back to Euston.


Chapter 2: We drop a few hundred miles South now to Basingstoke in 1986 - Wednesday 20th August 1986 to be precise. Here we see 50s on the Exeter trains and 33s on the Salisbury's, but freights also abound with 33s & 47s and there is even a 33+73+33 triple header on a TC set!


Chapter 3: North of the border now to Perth to see 20s, 26s, 27s, 37s & 47s in action on passenger & freight.

Volumes 2 to 8 are also available please email [email protected] for details

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