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Stars of Steam - Vol. 1


Stars of Steam Vol 1 features the highlights of mainline steam runs in the West Country & Wales over the years 1999-2001. As always, special attention has been given to acquire dramatic video footage so as to show these wonderful machines at their best. Some of the locations featured include Whiteball, Dainton & Rattery inclines in South Devon; the scenic sea wall stretch at Teignmouth and Dawlish; Sydney Gardens, Bath; Knucklas Viaduct on the Central Wales line and the North Wales route [featuring the return to the main line of 6233 Duchess of Sutherland. Dawlish Donkey specials over the years 1999, 2000 & 2001 also feature.


Locomotives appearing are as follows: 4936, 5029, 6024, 7802, 9600, 34016, 35005, 35028, 45110, 45407, 46233, 4472, 60532, 60800, 76079, 80079 & 80098

The second volume in this popular series follows on from where we left off in 2001. This means that we see all sorts of main line steam specials throughout the West Country, and even beyond, in the years 2002-2007.

Included in the programme are:-

60009 The Mayflower

4936+4965 The Torbay Limited

5029+5051 The Penzance Castles

6024 The Eden Express

6233 The Devonshire Duchess

46201 The Mayflower

61264 The Lacemaker

5972 Fantasy Express

5029 The Royal Duchy

5029 The Exe-Tawe

5029+5051 The Mayflower

7802 The Torbay Express

5051 The Torbay Express

34067 Atlantic Coast Express

3440 Ocean Mail 100

73096 Sunny South Special

5029+5051 The Cornubian

60009 The Torbay Express

5029+5051 The Devonian

5029 The Carmarthen Cavalier

3440 VIP Specials

6024+7802 The Staite Express

6024+5029 The Eden Limited

34067 The Cornishman

34067 VSOE Special

45407+76079 The Devonian

6024 The Limited

45407 Cornish Branch Line specials

6024+5029 The Great Britain

71000 The Devonshire Duke

6024 The Torbay Express

850 The Southern Sunset

34067 The Cathedrals Express

6024+34067 The Holiday Express

34067 The Torbay Express

30777 The Cathedrals Express


In many cases, trains are seen at several locations.

The third volume in our series featuring mainline steam follows on from where we left off in Volume II at the end of 2007. This means that we see all sorts of main line steam specials throughout the West Country, and even beyond, in the years 2008-2010. The geographical boundary included in this volume is Southampton to the Cambrian Coast line and trains featured are:

71000 Duke of Gloucester: The Southern Irishman & The Pembroke Coast Express

60163 & 70013 Oliver Cromwell: The Cathedrals Express & The Devonian

5029 Nunney Castle +70013 Oliver Cromwell , 44874+70013 Oliver Cromwell :The Royal Duchy

6024 King Edward I, 34067 Tangmere, 60163 Tornado: The Torbay Express

60019 & 70013 Oliver Cromwell: The Dartmouth Express

44871+70013 Oliver Cromwell: The Great Britain III

4936 Kinlett Hall+5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe: The Cornishman

45407+44871: The Heart of Wales


For volumes 2 and 3, please email [email protected]

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